A Message from Chief Seastone

Welcome from the Honorary Chair

Brian A. Seastone

Chief, University of Arizona Police Department

 I am extremely pleased to serve as the Honorary Chair for this year’s UA Cares campaign.  This is the perfect time for staff and faculty to reflect on the many needs of our community.  The generosity of this university and its focus on charitable giving and volunteerism is something that brings me pride every day.

When I think about my own family, our students, and the many struggles the world is facing today, I realize that UA Cares provides the perfect opportunity for me to donate to university programs and non-profit organizations that are important to me and that support our great community. 

A number of our fellow Tucsonans struggle with poverty and lack basic essentials such as food and shelter.  Some of our own students and employees find it difficult to choose between buying a textbook and putting food on their table.  When the Campus Pantry opened in February 2013, UA students and employees had somewhere to turn for their immediate food needs, right here on campus.  Since then, the Campus Pantry has grown in its size and capabilities due to student and staff volunteerism.  The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona has also been supportive of UA’s Campus Pantry growth.  Combating hunger on and off campus is just one of many critical priorities for the 2016 UA Cares campaign.

Join me by actively participating in the 2016 UA Cares giving campaign.  A single donation or an automatic ongoing donation through your paycheck makes a big difference in supporting these important programs.

By making a commitment to help those in need, as well as by supporting our own campus programs through this campaign, we can make a difference in our Tucson and University communities.


Thank you for supporting UA Cares.