Frequently Asked Questions


UA Cares:
UA Cares is a University of Arizona workplace giving initiative providing employees with the opportunity to support UA services and programs and the broader community. Through UA Cares, employees can give to any non-profit organization or "Community Impact Area" through the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona or to any University program and service through the UA Faculty and Staff Campaign.

Why should I support the campaign?
Supporting the campaign means making a difference in our communities . . .  feeding families, giving the gift of education, providing mentoring for our youth or helping to fund vital medical research. Through UA Cares, employees can give to ANY nonprofit organization(s) or Impact Area through the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona and/or to any area of the University through the Faculty/ Staff Campaign component of the University of Arizona Foundation.

Do I have to choose between giving to the United Way and giving to the UA Faculty and Staff Campaign?
No. You can designate whatever amount you want to each.

If I make my gift by check, do I have to write two checks?
Yes. Because the United Way and University of Arizona Foundation receive, record, and acknowledge gifts through separate accounting systems, two separate checks are necessary.

If I want to give to a non-profit agency that isn’t listed by the United Way, how can I do that?
There is a line for write-in agencies on the pledge form, and there are several lines for write-ins on the online giving system. Your gift will go where you designate, minus a 15% administrative fee collected by the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. Donors wishing to give to more agencies, areas, or programs than they can list on the paper pledge form may attach a sheet with additional designation information to their personalized form. Additional designations must include the total amount that the donor intends to give to each additional area.

If employees give their money to the UA Faculty and Staff Campaign, won’t that reduce the amount of money that goes to the community through United Way?
It is unlikely. These two campaigns have co-existed for the past six years. Coordinating them simply means that employees can make all their donations in a single transaction instead of having to participate in two separate campaigns.

Why is supporting the UA Faculty and Staff Campaign important?
Through your efforts, the University is able to provide students with the latest in technology, an outstanding faculty and a valuable education. That result is attributable in significant measure to the generosity of private benefactors. Private support from alumni, friends, parents and faculty and staff is vitally important.

Why should I give to the UA Faculty & Staff Campaign when the UA is a public University?
Contrary to common perception, the University is not a state-supported institution. It is only state-assisted, receiving 28% of operational budgets from the state on an annual basis. The remainder must come from other sources.

How can I make a pledge?
You can make a pledge by filling out the pledge form given to you by your department campaign coordinator. Pledge forms can be used for payroll deduction gifts and one-time cash and credit card gifts. OR you can submit payroll deduction gifts online by going to Employee Link and clicking on the UA Cares logo. By following instructions on the Employee Link – UA Cares option, you may give through the UA Foundation, the United Way, or both.

What is the administrative cost of my donation?
Through the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, 15% of your gift goes to administrative costs. Gifts to the UA Faculty & Staff Campaign through the UA Foundation in excess of $5,000 are subject to a 6% administrative fee. There is no fee for UA Foundation gifts under $5,000.

If I change employers after making an annual gift through payroll deduction, am I obligated to complete my entire pledge?
No. If you become unemployed or change employers, your payroll deduction will stop automatically. If you wish to continue your pledge through other means, please contact the UA Foundation or the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona directly.

Can I give to my own program through the UA Faculty and Staff Campaign?
Certainly; in fact, such gifts are welcome. However, there are significant limitations as to the tax deductibility of amounts given by researchers to their own projects. 

Will I receive a tax deduction for my gift?
In the vast majority of cases, yes. There are certain limitations, however. Please check with your tax advisor.

I am concerned about my personal information being utilized by external agencies.
The Office of Community Relations acts as a liaison between the donor and United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona. Only the information necessary to process your pledge is released. If you do not make a pledge, your returned form is shredded upon receipt.