Employees Helping Employees

An emergency fund for Faculty & Staff

What Is The Employee Emergency Fund?

The University of Arizona community has a long history of demonstrating compassion for its members and for providing generous donations to colleagues in need. Employees Helping Employees is a financial assistance program to aid our benefit-eligible workforce who face temporary hardship as a result of unexpected emergency expenses.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, our effort to support the working wildcat community has multiplied. This fund is a continuation of a longstanding initiative by employees for employees. The Employee Emergency Fund is here to help. 

Facilitated by the Office of Government and Community Relations, this program provides a resource for our campus's dedicated workforce, so they may focus on their continued service to our community.  

What Do We Consider Temporary Hardship?

Sudden illness, a family crisis, or a natural disaster would all be considered temporary hardships. Examples of eligible expenses might include medical expenses for a sudden illness that are not covered by insurance, costs for travel out of state for a family member's funeral, transportation emergency costs such as an unexpected vehicle repair, or costs incurred as the result of a natural disaster.

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Roldan in the Office of Government & Community Relations, at nroldan@arizona.edu.

Life & Works Connections is available for UA Employees

The UA Life & Works Connections provide health and wellness services that we encourage you to look into. They are here to support you during modified operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The wellness of University of Arizona employees is their immediate priority.


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